Player Background Information on Karameikos

Let’s talk about what Karameikos is; what it means to be from Karameikos; and how to create a character from the grand duchy.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

First we’ll look at the Grand Duchy: its history, its peoples, and its settlements and natural features.


This is the land’s history as known to the peoples of Karameikos.
The first part of the history is recorded in an epic work of poetry of the Traldar (Traldara) people, “The Song of King Halav.” This is an ancient work maintained by generations of bards before finally being committed to writing aboutHalav_ six centuries ago.

_The Song of King
In ancient times, the land now called Karameikos was the forest homeland of the Traldar, men and women so favored by the Immortals and allowed to live in these beautiful lands.
The Immortals let the live happy, simple lives. The Traldar fished and hunter; the men spent most of their time sporting with one another and offering praise to the Immortals.
But the Immortals knew that the happiness of the Traldar was to end. Far to the west, a race of evil beast-men was preparing to march through the easterly lands in search of booty, prisoners and more hospitable homelands.

Player Background Information on Karameikos

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